Updates for April & May 2000

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Today I put up a new website of the week. Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 100000000 ;)


OKay the Jaime Pressly # was a JOKE. Today I put up a new website of the week. Again I'm really sorry for the lack of updates!!! Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery actually @ 58000, 59000, 60000, 61000, 62000, 63000, & 64000 (Sorry I missed quite a few!!!!)


Okay you guys are gonna kill me for not updating!!! I'm REALLY sorry okay?!?!?!?!? I PROMISE that by August this site will be updated more regularly!!!! Today I put up a new website of the week. I'm trying really hard to keep up, but I've just been SO busu. If anyone would like to offer their help, PLEASE sign my guestbook okay???? Thanx! If I don't update before then, Happy Easter!


WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually got an update done today!!!!!! And compared to recent ones, this is a biggie!!! Thank U all for your patience!!! :) OKAY!!!! Today I updated the BSB news and links, also the All Saints News and links, next I updated the Dawson's Creek and Friends Links, and finally updated the Push news and updates!!!!!! *bows and accepts applause*


Hi! Apologies for the late update, I put up a new website of the weeks (it will do for next week too)... Due to the lack of updates this month and potential lack next month, instead of making a new page for May, I just bunched it in with this one. Happy Easter!



Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates, etc, etc, etc. Today I updated the BSB discography. That's it, sorry!!!


I promise I'll update more. Really I will! Anyways my b-day's this week, so the new Website of the Week is this one. Boring eh?


Wow I feel really bad I've been ignoring this site! I swear that by September this place will be a little more updated! Today I made a bunch of small updates on Flying Into The Millennium, and I put up a new website of the week (sorry I forgot last week!) Page Landmarks (from the last like month!): Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 65000 & 66000, Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 22000, 23000, 24000, and 25000, Push Multimedia Gallery @ 16000, Push A Little Harder @ 12000, and Push Character Page @ 4000. PS I also put up the June/July Updates page, meaning I updated the Site Map and Fonts pages too! :)


A couple updates today: new website of the week, I updated the Useless Facts page, and I put a counter on the June/July updates page :)


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